Pipe Trapper's Trade Clay -  Made form: Catlinite or Call  Pipestone
If you keep breaking the bowl or stem of your clay pipe, then this baby is for you. The 5" solid Catlinite Trapper Trade pipe is all one piece and stoutly made. The bowl is 1.5" tall with 1" diameter and a cavity that holds enough tobacco for a good, long smoke. 
This unique item also makes a good gift or nice prize for a blanket shoot.

Catlinite, or Pipe stone is a natural stone located in mines in the central part of the United States. It attains a deep reddish color after you polish it. Native Americans use this stone to make pipes, beads and other carved items

The best quality pipe stone comes from southwestern Minnesota. It ranges in color from pale pink to brick or blood red and normally has small lighter spots - referred to as "stars" - scattered throughout. Pipe stone is smooth to the touch, can be easily carved and takes a high polish.   This high quality and unique item also makes a great gift. 

Pipe Trapper Hunter - Trade - Made form: Rock is Pipestone

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