Native American Flute 6 Holes 21" - Unfinished (Key G)
Our new beginner's Sky Flute is a perfect instrument for anyone interested in playing.

Flute has a unique beautiful tone (Key Gm) that can compete with any of the more elaborate flutes that cost twice as much (or more!!). Our Sky Flute is unfinished but this easily enough done with oil or other coatings of your choice.


Flute is not just for beginners, advanced players will often buy well-made unfinished.

Sky Flute so they can add their own design or pattern into the wood and customize these wonderful flutes any way you desire. 

It was used for various purposes including bring peaceful meditation.


I's your time to play a Native American Flute and enjoy.


Note: We shipping this flute in 2 Days.

Please allow shipping time form USPS or UPS.


Native American Flute 6 Holes 22” Key Gm. Beginners & Advanced Players

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