Jaw Harp Instrumen - High Quality Chromed .

What old-time campsite would be complete without this authentic musical instrument, the Jaw Harp? Completely constructed of metal, this Jaw Harp is played by plucking a projecting bent piece with the fingers. 


There are many theories for the origin of the name Jew's harp. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, this name appears earliest in Walter Raleigh's Guiana in 1596, spelled "Harp". ... It has also been suggested that the name derives from the French meaning 


Did Abraham Lincoln play an instrument?
There is mention in historical records of Lincoln playing the harmonica and the Jews Harp although I don’t find anything about how well he played them. Lincoln enjoyed songs apparently including some opera, folks songs and hymns. Records disagree on how well he sung, but they agree that he liked to sing.

Jaw Harp Instrument

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